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Video: 20180925 ZL400A 43T HDD Machine-110*8 220m Weathered Rock

Publication Date: 2018-10-15

 ZL400A HDD Machine-110mm*8 220m Rock Condition

  Congratulation on ZLCONN Brand ZL400A 43T Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine efficiently help customer finished the work within short time. 1. Soil Condition: Weathered Rock Condition 2. Drilling tools to use: Mud motor,rock reamers and rock bit. 3. Pipe diameter and length: 110mm*8 220m 4. ZL400A features:      Big force upto 43T.      Big slurry pump both 400L and 450L available.      Big Engine 193kw.      Hi-end international motor and hydraulic pump and engine.      For more please refer to following links of specs of ZLCONN ZL400A HDD machine:  Contact us:  Whatsapp: 008618274950733 India customer please contact our HDD machine dealer in India  

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