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About zlconn

David Fang VP

20 years heavy industry experience.MBA from Top15 University. Expert and taking charge in manufacturing and technology in tunnel formwork, tunnel spray.

Brian Fang VP

Expert from business major in the USA. Full experience in trenchless industry.Taking charge of production, technology of HDD machine and grinder machine.

Collas Lu VP&Sales Director

More than 11years international business experience. Collas have provided more than 500no.s construction machine worldwide upto 30 countries.

Bikram Sales Manager

Sales Manager for Eastern India. Sales and more than sales. More than 10 year experience of HDD service engineer. Ditch Witch background. Help customer buying the most suitable HDD machine from technical aspect. Customer Care always priority.

Emma Liu Southest Asia Sales Manager

Major in English with highest language degree the CET-8. 6 years in international business.

Alice Li Africa Sales Manager

Major in international business. English degree CET-8. 4 years in oversea business.

Jason Huang Chief Technical Director

Expert in manufacturing and technology in HDD machine,garden machinery,concrete machinery. More than 10 years in this industry